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Alt Dubai Present Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai is the most beautiful and memorable experience of your lifetime. A trip to Dubai would be incomplete without an adventure trip to Desert. The Desert Safari Tour will give you the memorable experience and is one of the must do activities during your visit in Dubai. The Desert Safari Tour our most recommended tour for Dubai affords you thrilling experience of roller coaster dune bashing on the huge desert with the magnificent view of the sunset. The tour offers you an opportunity to take the extraordinary photos, view the bustling desert and sure to leave a lasting impression and fond memories. It is also known as golden sands of Arabia where one gets a chance to experience the sand glows at the day time when it is hit by the sunshine.

To Find More Information Visit: 

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Top Must Visit Places In Dubai

Throughout the years, Dubai has step by step accumulated a name for being the leading vacationer hotspot of the Middle East. Consistently, a large number of sightseers flock to must visit places in the city, for its lavish shopping fiestas & skyscrapers. Dubai has gotten to be synonymous with its great riches and thriving oil assets.
Aside from the charm and excitement, the spectacular city likewise has a bounty of cultural and regal attractions. Absorb the luxury with our Altdubai holiday package:-

The Burj Khalifa

At eight hundred and twenty-nine meters, Dubai's top-tier, one hundred and sixty-two storey building, is likewise the tallest structure on the planet. From the viewing platform on the 124th level, one can undoubtedly obtain a bird's eye view of the dazzling city skyline.


Dubai Creek

An aficionado of cascading waters & everything blue? Have a tour of the Dubai creek. Partitioning the city into two boroughs, Deira towards the north, with Bar Dubai toward the south, it stretches out from the merchandising port of the Bay, going up to Ras al Khor bird reserve on the desert rim. The place is the effervescent heart of traditional Dubai, & is still made use of by small merchants from over the gulf.

Bastakiya quarter

The name Bastakiya is inspired by Bastak, Iran, while this locale is additionally Dubai's most spellbinding territory. It is similar to a labyrinth of wind-towered structures, which have been changed over into art repositories, boutique hotels, and bistros. One can lay eyes on the chronicled architecture, dating back to the eighteenth century, as one wanders through this scenic heritage site.

Dubai aquarium

The aquarium, located on the ground level of Dubai shopping arcade (the Dubai Mall), is amongst the world's biggest suspended aquariums. The aquarium houses approximately one hundred and forty species in its Ten-million litre reservoir. There are a heap of ways in which one can come up close to the ocean life, in addition to free viewing from the mall, plus a huddle of underground walkthrough passages.

Dubai mall

This huge shopping area additionally serves as a door to the Dubai aquarium, & the stunning Burj Khalifa. It is city's finest shopping galleria, and holds a wide cluster of luxury brands, alongside an ice skating rink, a gaming colonnade, asides from a movie multiplex. The Dubai Mall is additionally home to worldwide famous shopping and music galas, similar to the Dubai shopping festival in Jan. and Feb month every year, plus the ''Dubai Summer Surprises'' fiesta that comes every year in months of July and August.

Jumeriah beach

It is a white sand shoreline that is situated and named after the Jumeirah territory of Dubai. This tranquil summer escape is the main beach destination for sightseers, with its pure, translucent waters. It additionally has a wide cluster of hotels spaced out across its length, consequently turning it into, amongst the most popular spots to holiday.

Jumeriah mosque

It is viewed by numerous as amongst the prettiest of City's mosques. Certainly an indistinguishable imitation of Al-Azhar Mosque, (in Cairo --the sprawling capital of Egypt), that is around 8-times its size; it is a perfect image of Islamic architecture. This all-stone building is built in the Gothic Fatimid tradition with 2-minarets which brandish the labyrinthine details in the stonework. The Mosque is particularly alluring at night, when illuminated with floodlights.

Deira Souks

The planet's biggest gold bazaar consummately mirrors the differing cultures that visit Dubai each year. It has significantly been instrumental in Dubai being dubbed 'The city of gold'. The shopping areas are most well known for their regalia, gems, jewels, that are of assorted types, antique and cutting edge, with a lot of alternatives for customization.

The Burj al Arab

Standing high in the sky ---getting to a height of three hundred and twenty-one meters and set on its own private island, it is the world's tallest hotel. This luxurious hotel is not for the weakling, with a baffling rate of more than Fifteen Thousand US dollars per night. You can likewise eat at Al-Mahara, an extravagant eatery underwater where glass panels let you gaze at the aquatic life while you dine. The Skyview Bar on the Twenty-seventh level, dishes up a sweeping view of the city, too.
Fond of Dubai already? Allow our Dubai package to help explore it!

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Top 10 Reasons why Dubai is Every-Time a Smart Thought for a Vacation

Dubai has definitely changed from an angling settlement it once was. This city is genuinely wonderful to see as a mix of the past & ultra modernization. Dubai holds its own one-of-a-kind flavor in the Middle East and its city of extravagance and entertainment with a couple of extremes. The place is fast turning into a most loved spot for Nigerians on vacation.

You'll wish to shape your vacation immediately, in the wake of discovering the 10 reasons why Dubai is always a smart thought for excursion… to say the very least.

Dubai Tour

Al Bastakiyaand the Ancient Fortress

Break out from the glamour of "new" Dubai and relish a bit of its past. The town of Al Bastakiya was planned to be destroyed yet fortunately it was spared when it was spotlighted to developers on how it is so critical to hold the past. Assembled in 1787, the Al Fahidi Fort is one of the beguiling unique mud structures that were made use of to safeguard the city against assaults from neighboring tribes. Presently it functions as a history museum.

Burj Al Arab

You'll with no bother know you are in Dubai when you view its most marked building, the Burj Al Arab that is shaped in the semblance of a sailboat. Visitors and staff affectionately call it a "7-Star hotel". It might be a little too expensive for the vast majority of us yet it is still free to shoot a picture &display it to your mates in Nigeria.

Burj Khalifa

The planet's tallest high-rise looks stunning in pictures, yet when one sees it live; it will be a spectacle that will not ever be forgotten. Sparkling at a massive height, it can be a battle to attempt and get it all in one photograph. Fortunately, the observation patio is open to offer a delightful view of the city for guests.

Burj Khalifa Tour

Explore the Lost City

Manmade islands are what set Dubai on the map, & that furnishes Dubai with a lot of room to develop. Regardless of the fact that you are not putting-up at the extravagant Atlantis Palm, you'll be invited as a guest to the 'Lost City of Atlantis.' Inside this multiplex, set out for Aqua venture and glissade down on any of numerous waterslides for a thrilling experience. Stroll along underground caves with a wide range of oceanic species behind aquariums.

Have Ton of Fun at Dubai Mall Asides from Shopping

The shopping center is about five to ten minutes from most locales of the city and it is gigantic! The lavish Dubai Mall merits an entire day to take in each of the things it offers. The arcade is bifurcated into different units with several retail stores and eateries, Twenty Two screen multiplex film theater, an aquatic museum, ice skating arena and an amusement park named Sega Republic, besides other recreation spots.

Dubai Mall Tour

Soar High Across the Sky

The most ideal approach to seeing the entire Dubai & discovering the different areas of the city, the towers and structures at the same time is to take a helicopter trip. Just from the sky you can take in all of Dubai completely from its high-rise hotels, business zone, peripheral deserts & the sanctuary of green spaces framed by the fairway, racetrack and Creek side Park. This will be an unforgettable experience of your entire Dubai Tour with Alt Dubai.

For Those Inclined To Sports

Manicured fairways give ready pleasure to golfers, additionally numerous top-tier sporting events in the city for the sightseer. Past sporting events hosted by Dubai have been Dubai World Cup, the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships, as well as an array of top-tier polo and cricket contests. The Nad Al Sheba Racecourse is a best-loved amusement for a number of visitors.

Green and Marine Entertainment

Dubai is the favored travel destination in the Middle East owing to its shorelines & green spaces. Creek side Park is a Two-Hundred &Twenty-One-acre green space that families favor. Hop on the cable car on premises for an inspiring escapade that offers you an unhampered view of the recreation center and the skyscrapers. Both the private and open shorelines are frequented as a result of their fine, white sand and pristine water.

Bargain at the Old Souk in Dubai

A Souk is a shopping place that appears to have been around since the very beginning. Despite the fact that there are markets in Nigeria, there's no spot like the old Souk to buy gold. This is a business sector with a Middle Eastern appeal overflowing and merchants offer solid gold wrist trinkets, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry, apart from more modest articles.

Hit the Hillsides

An ideal escapade for any Nigerian on a Dubai Tour is to have a go at something new particularly when it concerns the snow. Skiing amidst the desert in Dubai Mall is certain to be at the highest priority on anybody's wish-list. The skiing arena with snow covered ski trails has a longest ski run of around Four Hundred meters. It's an extraordinary spot for families to have fun. Inner tube riding and snowboarding are other recreation options one can look forwards to, especially for people who’re less keen about skiing.

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7 Best Reasons behind Making an Outing to Dubai in summer

Dubai is a city that encounters compelling heat in the time of summer. From May onwards to September, outdoor activities and events are constrained during the day time to shield individuals from the cruel sun. It is additionally an off-season for tourism over here.In spite of the fact that very few individuals want to expose themselves to the oppressive sultriness of the city summer, it is for all that, a decent time to TOUR this Emirate city.

Here we have listed Ten Top Reasons why individuals ought to holiday in Dubai during the mid year months & make their Dubai Tour an enjoyable one with Alt Dubai travel agency.

Low-priced Air Tickets

We need to confess it: touring is fun however costly. The air fare can itself bankrupt you, particularly when you are flying out to a well known spot when the season is at its very peak. Along these lines, in the event that you need to truly save your cash, go sightseeing in Dubai this late spring. As very few individuals visit Dubai during the months of summer, you're likely to get air tickets at cut-prices

outing to Dubai

Great Hotel Bargains

Hotel rates in the time of peak season are typically at a higher side, driving you to settle for a regular hotel that matches to your budget. Be that as it may, setting out to Dubai during the mid-year months may allow you to enjoy something extravagant at the same price. A whole lot of hotels dish out deals and promotions on their rooms. It might be as a rebate up to a specific percent for stays or free boarding for young kids or maybe a lunch or dinner for nothing. The odds are that you might get to stay in a snappy five-star property.

Have Fun Time in the Malls

Spending time wandering around the shopping arcades might sound time-wasting to you, particularly when you're on a vacation. However, staying outside for quite a while during Dubai's midyear is simply unimaginable. Then again, the malls are completely air-conditioned, making it fairly enjoyable for you. Besides, the malls in the city are not just meant for shopping.They're full entertainment package replete with indoor amusement parks, in-house aquatic museum, multiplexes for watching movies, a large array of diners, & so forth. The Dubai Mall, the biggest Mall in the whole world, contains over One thousand and twelve hundred stores for doing shopping. Additionally, it includes an underwater zoo, an aquarium plus an indoor amusement park.

Outing to Dubai in summer

Luxuriate in the Water Parks

In the event that you want to spend your day outside however want to stay safe from the hot weather, going by one of the various water parks in the city is a smart idea. Dubai is home to a few of the best water parks that you wouldn't find anyplace else. Wild Wadi Water Park is just the biggest of all city water parks having approximately thirty to thirty-five rides for youngsters as well as grown-ups. Aquaventure and Wonderland, are also a couple of water parks where you would have an awesome time.Regardless of the possibility that you would prefer not to experiment with a few adrenaline junkie rides, you can simply swim in the cool waters of the pool to crush the swelter. Nonetheless, keep in mind to apply heaps of sunscreen.

Go See BurjKhalifa

The tallest building that humanity has ever constructed, BurjKhalifa--is situated adjacent to the Dubai Mall. It is an exquisite building that you would get to see ahead of your flight touching the Dubai land. Your summer vacation can transform into a charming one with a tour to BurjKalifa.Here you can visit the tallest observation platform on the Hundred-and-twenty-fourth floor to get a bird's-eye view of Dubai.Besides, it is so breezy up there that you would not feel any heat regardless of the fact that you drop by this spot during evening time.

Outing to Dubai in summer

Chill out in the Dubai Fountain

The nights in Dubai during the summers are entirely wonderful in spite of the fact that you might still feel the remnants of the hotness, after all that. Thus, the most ideal approach to chill is to view the performance of Dubai fountain installed just outside Dubai Mall.How hypnotizing it is to see the fountains dance on the cadence of wonderful music. Also, in the event that you stand very close, you are liable to be showered by some cool showers!

Explore the Desert

The desert safari is enthralling and an awesome way to learn about the lifestyle in Dubai before the development began. For the most part, the desert safaris start during evening time & extend till night.Be that as it may, as it is sweltering during the day, you can experiment with the morning desert safari where you get the opportunity to lay your eyes on the desert before the sun truly shines on the sand.Some of the VIP desert safaris get organized by tour agencies with which you can wallow in the desert in all extravagances that are available in a hotel. Embarking on an overnight safari would likewise make your summer vacations an unforgettable one since it is a luxury thing to do in Dubai.

Thus, summer is truly a great time to have a Dubai Tour, promising good wholesome fun.

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10 Reasons That Induce Us to Love Dubai

Abu Dhabi, the extraordinary capital of the United Arab Emirates has started to receive a little media coverage of late. Might I dare to say it, however, the city-emirate is not withstanding, beginning to take a little part of the spotlight from Dubai. The recognition is basically because of the recent opening of a titanic mosque devoted to the late President &founding father of the country, Sheik Zayed – a mosque which a few scholars have equated to the great TajMahal, in India!

Earlier to this there was the launch of Fourteen and Half Billion Dollars Saadiyat Island cultural zone gloating a Guggenheim art gallery (designed by Canadian-born American architect Frank Gehry), that's destined to end up as the world's biggest Guggenheim, as well as a wing of Paris’Musée du Louver (whose designer is Jean Nouvel, of France, the legendary architect), in addition to some breath taking museums. Thereafter it was Abu Dhabi getting included to the Formula One Grand Prix circuit, the launch-race happening in November.

How things change… When I initially shifted to Abu Dhabi over two decades back there were very few individuals who could put it (or Dubai so far as that is concerned) on a MAP! Be that as it may, the hilarious thing is, regardless of all these electrifying new attractions and events, the things which despite everything I note are highly engaging of Abu Dhabi are the things I have all the time cherished about the city. Here they are:

One Reason To Adore Abu Dhabi – It’s a Stunner

Abu Dhabi is lovely. It's a truly appealing city and this is the factor that amazes all vacationers. The presence of high-reaching skyline of gleaming towers that mirror the sparkling ocean. What's more, the city is flanked by ocean (in fact it is a true-blue island) that is a translucent, turquoise colour. The shorelines gloat the finest grains of white sand, & nearly all are fringed with date palm trees.
A beachfront promenade, the Corniche, extends the length of the city, giving an extraordinary vantage ground to appreciate the impressive skyline.

Two Reason To Adore the City –The Corniche

My beloved part of the city, the beachfront promenade merits a personal entry. This is the place inhabitants emerge to have fun in the cooler months – and even during muggy hotter months. Be that as it may, it's winter when the air temperatures flitteraround the low 20s Celsius (high 60Fs) as well as in spring and fall touching a high of 20Cs ---(high 70Fs and low 80Fs), that the Corniche experiences the bulk of the action.Right on the crack of dawn till deep into the night, both residents and expats are out running, walking, picnicking, taking pictures, rollerblading, skateboarding, strolling their canine across the Cornice.

Three Reason to Adore the Capital–It is Laid Back

Dubai might posses the megalopolis attractiveness, yet regardless of resembling a metropolis, Abu Dhabi has the country town appeal. Sun-splashed Abu Dhabi's carefree way of life and easy-going mindset has all the time been the key draw-card for emigrants. Migrants were living here much sooner than sightseers began visiting Dubai to ogle at its seven-star Hotels, momentous shopping arcades, and toss snowballs at its indoor ski park. Aside from Abu Dhabi's unending daylight, is the reality that there's little to do but soak the sunbeams, loll on the pristine sand shorelines, swim in the lukewarm waters, excursion and Barbecue in the numerous parks, and drive out to the Dubai desert for a bit of R&R.

Four Reason to Adore the City – The Architectural Design

It's a very nicely planned place with wide boulevards and traffic which streams openly. It's a breeze to navigate and simple to get around, particularly on a sightseeing of Abudhabi Tour with Alt Dubai through the capital. Whereas Dubai is a sprawling chaos of a city with a messy old center and suburbiawhich have sprung up suddenly, subtly inching into the encompassing desert,Abu Dhabi was a place that was planned for development from the beginning.The place have an urban outline mimicking Manhattan.

Five Reason to Adore Abu Dhabi -- Community tradition is alive

The natives in the city are profoundly given to their conventions – & they are clinging-on tight, & this is the thing that we adore about the place. The city have a rich culture of community traditions established in their Bedouin legacy and Islamic faith, similar to their custom of Arab hospitality,& they have done very well to conserve them.One example is their traditional attire: not at all like Dubai where local children tend to wear Western garments, in Abu Dhabi the folks dress up in crisp white dishdashas& checked gutras&agals, whereas the young ladies wear exquisite black abayas&shaylahs.

Six Reason to Adore the City –A Thriving Art & Culture

More erudite and somber, Abu Dhabi has consistently been the more sophisticated, arty, cultured kin to Dubai. The city has unfailingly been keen to safeguard its culture and legacy – they all the more have a Nabati Poetry Foundation! – but at the same time it has been quick to see cutting edge and contemporary art thrive as well, much sooner than Saadiyat Island's smooth new art galleries got planned.

 You may like to choose your package for your Dubai tour by visiting our website or face book page. 

7 Reason to Adore the Capital --- The Cultural Foundation

The place has been Abu Dhabi's creative, literary and cultural hub for more than 3 decades.An impressive structure in the middle of the city, ringed by shady parkland, it features the national library and archives, a presentation area, art workshops, plus a huge assembly room that has since a long time ago facilitated a vivacious nightly performance of classical music,  theatricals, ballet dancing, folk dance & song, asides from poetry renditions.Wander about and sneak a look at the glass cabinets showing Islamic craftsmanship, calligraphy, customary musical instruments, and intriguing ancient black and white photos of the pre-oil Abu Dhabi.

8 Reason To Adore the Capital --- Heritage Village

Standing on a delicate white sand shoreline which overlooks the purplish blue ocean and the impressive skyline, the magical Heritage Village offers an understanding into life prior to the finding of oil. While you can meander around and glance over replicas of a barasti house, a little souq plus old mosques, take a camel-ride in a Bedouin campsite, and view artisans beating metal plates of brass, weaving on conventional looms, glassblowing, the high spot is its affectionate yet captivating fort museum. Catch a glimpse of traditional Bedouin outfits and jewelery, khanjars, and a whole host of things.

Image result for abu dhabi city tour

9 Reason to Adore the City --- Quasr al Husn

Within the lush gardens of the Cultural Foundation, the palm-lined patio gardens of the charming white fortress Qasr al Husn is a stunning spot to stroll at daybreak or late evening. Enter through the amazing passage adorned with beautiful Portuguese tiles – in the event the grand wooden doors are shut, make your way through the little entryway spiked with iron nails.Inside the fortress is a labyrinth of rooms adorned by painted reliefs of peacocks, blossoms and Islamic chirography, and linked to long galleries with mashrabiya screens & doors with wood carvings.

10 Reason to Adore the Capital –Heritage Corner

The place is a piece of the AbuDhabi Cultural Foundation. Although very small, I believe it's somewhat special. Highlighting a customarily embellished Bedouin tent exhibiting camel bags, pillows and rugs, the Corner has awesome traditional village crafts available to be purchased.The young Emirian hosts would drain a min cup of the cardamom flavored coffee from an embossed brass pot – it's civil to accept 3 cups and tilt the mug lightly, crosswise when you're satiated – also you could gaze at the Emirati women, whose faces are hidden behind intricate gold or black burqa.

Furthermore you would watch talli, an embroidery style for crafting gold and silver ribbons that adorn kandorahs (loose outfits donned at home), besides saddu, a weaving method to create the bold striped rugs and camel rucksacks. The above compiled list of things iswhy we love Abu Dhabiand die to take a memorable Abudhabi Tour. 

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