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The local government has been investing a lot in the tourism of Dubai and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has become one of the world’s most popular destinations. Whatever you are searching for, whether you are a single guy in quest of the adventure or a big family with children, you will find a way to have fun and relax in this city. Dubai is also perfect for couples, whether they are not married yet or perhaps intend to go on their honeymoon, although you need to know that it’s not in accordance with the local law to stay in the same hotel room if you are not married.
There are various activities couples can do in this city and camping is surely on that list. The temperature in the evening is great for spending a night under the stars, which is especially romantic in the desert surroundings. You can also decide to go skiing, which is an incredible attraction in Dubai, and your partner and you will certainly enjoy this winter wonderland in the middle of a desert. Great thing to do together is also safari, where you can try camel riding or rent a jeep and enjoy the beauty the desert offers you. Or, if you prefer water, opt for diving and check out all those shipwrecks in the Gulf area.
One of the activities that is simply a must for couples in this city is Dhow cruise, which offers an amazing excursion. Make sure to reserve one evening for this cruise, as you will definitely enjoy the novel experience of cruising down the Dubai Creek. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful, glamorous evening and enjoy the Dhow Cruise Dinner while the fascinating lights of the buildings around you and the music takes your breath away.
The evening starts with the boarding next to Shearton Creek Hotel, while the cruise itself lasts for two hours. The boat is equipped with two decks, an indoor lower deck equipped with air conditioning in order to achieve ideal temperature for all the passengers. There is also an open-air upper deck, from which you can enjoy the amazing view and share some truly romantic moments with your loved one. See how Dubai Marina and numerous skyscraper buildings look at night, or simply enjoy the moonlight. During the cruise, entertainment program and shows are organized, so you can enjoy the belly dancing, a traditional show for this part of the world. You don’t have to worry about dinner, as it can be the way you like, whether you are a vegetarian or not.
In case you are afraid of your safety, there is absolutely no need to be. Safety truly comes first, and the boat is equipped with life jackets and other important equipment. Put all your worries aside and enjoy the beautiful evening which you will fondly remember for a long time, as this cruise will surely be one of your best memories as a couple.

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Attain Mesmerizing Experience with Best Desert Safari Dubai with Altdubai

Dubai is an incredible and mesmerizing land that has a lot to offer for everyone. Whether you are longing to take a glimpse of the beautiful and vast architecture or luscious lands representing nature at its best, you’ll explore it everything here. The most astonishing things that visitors can’t miss is Desert safari in Dubai. Well, it’s an excursion that will bring you deep in the desert along with the window of opportunities to experience the most striking wonders you must ever want to. You can explore several options that bring you to the fascinating safari like SUV drives and Toyota Land cruiser. Some prominent companies like Altdubai utilize fleet of 4*4 land cruisers to effectively operate Desert safari in licensed, safe and professional environment. Thus, the Best Desert Safari Dubai with Altdubai is really very exciting & you will envisage solemn sights of the desert. 
Explore Dubai and get enthralled
Dubai is the home to a one of a kind adventure which people call “desert safari”. A desert tour usually involves adrenaline-pumping activities like camel safaris, camping, quad biking and even a buggy desert safari. One can hire private safari ride with their kith and kin or choose to go with someone special. When you will be exploring Dubai desert safari professional, ensure you only opt the companies and professionals having experience in this business for a long time just like Altdubai. 

Desert Safari in Dubai is a best fascination for visitors who visit here and is considered as the most demanding trip in Dubai. To attain a delightful ordeal of the Dubai Desert you can hire them to get the best service in affordable costs. You can visit the company’s website to accumulate all the packages, information, itineraries and guides for a complete range of other popular tours. 
Avail the best packages that enhance your pleasure
The tour packages of the tours and travel companies includes Dubai City Tours, Dubai Island Tours, Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise, Wadi and Mountain Safaris, Overnight Desert Safari, Dune Buggy Safari and Desert safari with BBQ dinner. For optimum fun, make sure you select the Best Desert Safari Dubai with Altdubai to possess a quality time and experience on your trek to Dubai. Such safaris must prove to be an eminent adventure these days and several sightseers come each year to value this outstanding ride. Here you will also experience the belly dancing performed by the world’s best performers. 

Desert safari ride turns out a thrill ride that must take you here and there the sand ridges. After some time the armada will halt in between the desert so that you can take selfies and snaps and intriguing a gander at the exquisite around you. The trip is not ends here, afterwards you go on with the adventure and stay in a camp to witness the life in a desert drove by hoipolloi visitors here. This tour will offer you an outstanding experience of camping in the desert. The camp is completely utilitarian visitor blend with cutting edge solicitudes including phones, washroom and power.

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Experience Unique Adventure And Thrills At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Dubai

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Dubai is the largest indoor theme park of world; it is located on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE. This stupendous theme park is in close distance of 10 minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The most attractive part of the theme park is the world’s fastest roller-coaster, Formula Rossa.


The major activities and attractions in this park boast various activities that obligate, children, family, adventure lovers and youth.

Formula Rossa : World’s fastest roller coaster will take you up to 52 kilo meters high in the sky  and give you experience with full of excitement, thrill and fun. It accelerates with the speed of 240 km per hour; you will experience travelling with the same speed in just 5 seconds, with an amazing opportunity to travel around the populist race tracks of the world.


Speed of Magic: 
The Speed of Magic is a fantasy dreamscape ride and an immersive presentation of 4D film. You will experience amazing fun whereas flying beside the cliffs, into the caves of ice and ocean’s bottom as well as speed in the jungle heart. The state-of-the-art technology available in ALTDUBAI - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Dubai gives you an opportunity to experience the extremes of real life featuring in 3-D movie with a adventure, thrill, moisture, feel of temper, motion, and light with immense excitement, with your family and friends.

Viaggio in Italia:
It is a miraculous simulator gives you a chance to fly over the villages, cities, forest and Italian mountains which is prejudiced by the famous Mille Miglia race.

Bella Italia: This is a ride that allows you to walk or drive the famous landmarks, attractions; Italy’s racing venues all in Ferrari World California.

Drive with Racing Champions: You will get a fabulous chance to experience the more engaging 3-D shows make you feel like you sitting with the champions of racing. The virtual simulation GT F1TM will take you on the way to the streets in the region of Maranello and places of Florano track.
The ride and other activities you will experience in the Ferrari World theme park comprise:

V12 - It is dark ride enable you to use boats and travel by "12 cylinders of wonder".
Made in Maranello- A motion simulator ride.
The Pit Wall: - An engaging experience that gives you a chance to check your reflexes in the simulations of racing.
The Racing Legends: You will go on a dark ride that describes the Ferrari World.
The world’s largest theme park gives you a chance to enjoy and explore whole day with multiple choices to select from Adult, Child, and Youth activities, packed with full adventure, entertainment, fun and a huge excitement such as includes G-Force, Fiorano GT Challenge, Scuderia Challenge, Galleria Ferrari, Paddock, Junior GT, Junior Training Camp, Junior Grand Prix, Tyre Twist, Fast Lane and Karting Academy.


Dining Experience:
 To make you dining experience with full of taste and excitement the Ferrari World has so many restaurants and café inside with their Italian cuisines.  You will select the food of your choice from the Italian cuisine of the restaurant prepared by professional chefs.

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DMC in Dubai – The Life Line of Marketing

Meetings and conferences are very important to the growth of an organization. An organization comprises of different levels. The employees, share holders, dealers, agents, retailers, outsourcing partners and customers are all different levels of an organization. If run well together, an organization can thrive massively. Meetings and conferences help in sharing of information, exchanging different ideas, decision-making, contact building, inter-team relationships, personal relations, product updates, etc. The corporate industry in Dubai needs DMC (Destination Management Company) in Dubai as a way to succeed and boost their business.


DMC companies understand the value of the time of a corporate company and ensure that each and every aspect of arranging a meeting or conference – right from arranging accommodations to security are arranged perfectly. Marketing and advertising are very important aspects for a company or a corporate to promote themselves and help maximize their business and profits. DMC companies ensure that each and every person attending the conference is important and best care is given to that person with finest hospitality in the budget. DMC companies also arrange for the visitors who come on holidays in Dubai. Furthermore, they have years and years of experience in arranging meetings and conferences for their corporate clients. They arrange the venue, themes and other arrangements which are necessary for the best service possible for corporate companies. 

Pre-Conference Arrangements
Arrangements are necessary before the event actually takes place. So, DMC companies make their utmost effort to start very well from the beginning of the event. The following are the pre-conference arrangements that they make –
  •      They understand the requirement, research and suggest proper venues and places.
  •      They research on the travel requirements and modes of transportation.
  •     They book domestic and international tickets.
  •      They do insurance if required.
On-Site Arrangements
When the people taking part in the conference come, they should be provided with the best hospitality possible. This may lead to the success of the conference. The following are some on-site arrangements by the DMC companies –
  •          Reception on arrival.
  •          Indication signs, placards, assistance with everything.
  •          24 hrs hospitality at the reception of the hotel.
  •          Menu planning.
  •          Manage if the site is changed and set themselves according to the requirement of the client.
  •         Audio – Visual items are placed to make the place a vibrant one.

Conference,Seminar and Corporate Management
DMC companies ensure that the stage is well-fabricated – from light, sound to artist management. They have years of experience in managing the event on the stage. They have many ideas which would match a client’s demand on the site. They ensure smooth working from start till end.They resolve the smallest of things to complex of the things within no time. 


The DMC companies like ALTDUBAI manage excursions of their customers all across Dubai so that the customer is tension and hassle-free from all the problems. The interior of the place where the conference would take place is well-decorated with the finest of interiors.  They ensure the conference runs smoothly with no outside interference.

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Enjoy The Exciting and Stimulating Ride of the Ferrari World in Dubai

Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the most exciting and fun filled tourist destination of the world. Being the biggest as well as capital city of UAE (United Arab Emirates), Abu Dhabi offers outstanding opportunities for the people to explore its excellent beaches, outstanding cosmopolitan lifestyle and astounding sand dunes. Its extra ordinary beauty attracts the attention of visitors from all across the globe. In fact, every reputed destination planning company offers outstanding package for the people to travel Abu Dhabi. You can distinctively enjoy the outstanding combination of hospitality and infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.
One of the most famous and astounding destination in this extra ordinary city for the visitors is the Ferrari World Abudhabi Dubai. Whenever you plan your excursions to Abu Dhabi, you must not miss the opportunity to visit this extremely exciting destination. The Ferrari World is considered to be the largest theme based indoor park of the world which is significantly based on the theme of Ferrari brand. Being the largest amusement park, it is spread in a total land area of 20 acres which offers outstanding opportunities for the people to enjoy and relax. This significant amusement park is located on Yas Island which offers a distinctive proximity for the visitors to the Yas World Water Park. You can distinctively acquire a combo package of visiting both the parks and explore the adventure through a reputed destination planning company.

Exciting Rides
The most attractive and impressive feature of this outstanding amusement park is its extremely exciting and thrilling rides which offers extreme amount of pleasure to the visitors. One of the fastest as well as famous roller coasters of the world namely Formula Rossa is available here which travels at a furious speed of 240 kms per hour. You must try out a distinctive ride on this stimulating roller coaster which takes you to a significant height of 52 meters in the sky. You will be able to experience the most popular race tracks of the world within 5 seconds when it accelerates to the speed of 240 kms per hour. If you are an adventure lover, you must not miss this ride.

Outstanding family rides
This amazing amusement park, being the major center of attraction in Abu Dhabi offers outstanding rides for the families to enjoy which include Viaggio in Italia and Tyre Twist.    You can distinctively experience an extra ordinary feeling of flying over Italian villages, mountains, cities and forests by taking a significant ride on the Viaggio in Italia ride. You can significantly enjoy the excitement and fun involved in this ride along with your children and family members.

Complete Entertainment Package
The Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi incorporates a complete package of entertainment and excitement for the visitors. It offers a distinctive 4D presentation of Speed of magic which offers an amazing experience for the visitors. You will definitely enjoy the fun filled experience of moving into the caves of ice; flying through the cliffs; walking beneath the ocean and many more. This extra ordinary presentation will definitely prove to be entertaining for you.

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