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The local government has been investing a lot in the tourism of Dubai and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has become one of the world’s most popular destinations. Whatever you are searching for, whether you are a single guy in quest of the adventure or a big family with children, you will find a way to have fun and relax in this city. Dubai is also perfect for couples, whether they are not married yet or perhaps intend to go on their honeymoon, although you need to know that it’s not in accordance with the local law to stay in the same hotel room if you are not married.
There are various activities couples can do in this city and camping is surely on that list. The temperature in the evening is great for spending a night under the stars, which is especially romantic in the desert surroundings. You can also decide to go skiing, which is an incredible attraction in Dubai, and your partner and you will certainly enjoy this winter wonderland in the middle of a desert. Great thing to do together is also safari, where you can try camel riding or rent a jeep and enjoy the beauty the desert offers you. Or, if you prefer water, opt for diving and check out all those shipwrecks in the Gulf area.
One of the activities that is simply a must for couples in this city is Dhow cruise, which offers an amazing excursion. Make sure to reserve one evening for this cruise, as you will definitely enjoy the novel experience of cruising down the Dubai Creek. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful, glamorous evening and enjoy the Dhow Cruise Dinner while the fascinating lights of the buildings around you and the music takes your breath away.
The evening starts with the boarding next to Shearton Creek Hotel, while the cruise itself lasts for two hours. The boat is equipped with two decks, an indoor lower deck equipped with air conditioning in order to achieve ideal temperature for all the passengers. There is also an open-air upper deck, from which you can enjoy the amazing view and share some truly romantic moments with your loved one. See how Dubai Marina and numerous skyscraper buildings look at night, or simply enjoy the moonlight. During the cruise, entertainment program and shows are organized, so you can enjoy the belly dancing, a traditional show for this part of the world. You don’t have to worry about dinner, as it can be the way you like, whether you are a vegetarian or not.
In case you are afraid of your safety, there is absolutely no need to be. Safety truly comes first, and the boat is equipped with life jackets and other important equipment. Put all your worries aside and enjoy the beautiful evening which you will fondly remember for a long time, as this cruise will surely be one of your best memories as a couple.

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