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That the Burj Al Arab is one of the most well-known structures in the world is not in doubt. It is up there with the likes of the Egyptian pyramids as far as iconic status is concerned. Constructed through the mid to late nineties is the third largest hotel in the world and is built on an artificial island across the Jumeirah Beach. The ‘Tower of Arabs’, as its Arabic name means, has become known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world due to the many amenities that guests have access to. It is simply in a class of its own and is persistently ranked as one of the ultra-few 7 star hotels in the world.

If you happen own a helicopter, then this is the hotel you might want to stay in. This is because you have your very own personal helipad. That’s right, all suits on this hotel come with a private helipad. This means that you can be able to move in and out very conveniently from the hotel. Given that the nerve center of the city is just 15 km away, this makes it possible for one to reach their destination quite effortlessly.
The management of this hotel goes to a great extent to ensure that all their guests are as comfortable as they wish and get all the services that they need. With this in mind, they have provided reception desks on each and every floor. Furthermore, one can be able to call butlers who are always on standby- throughout the day and night. Furthermore, each suite includes not only Jacuzzis but also hot showers alongside a fleet of Rolls Royce cars. The hotel also has some of the finest dining areas served by the best chefs from all over the world. You can be able to taste all kinds of delicacies you wish to.
What sets these suites further apart from most others not only in Dubai but also the world is the kind of views that they afford you. Each suite is fitted with a floor to ceiling window that offers the occupants an unobstructed view of the Persian Gulf. Such a panoramic is one of the hallmarks of the hotel and makes each moment spent there memorable. The suites are also very spacious and also have office facilities where you can handle all your business engagements without having to worry too much.

Even though the prices are not accessible to most people, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy a Burj Al Arab Tour At ALTDUBAI. This is because you can be able to visit the hotel’s restaurant even without having to book a suite. Here you can be able to enjoy your meals in the opulence and ambience of the facility. In addition to this, you can also be able to visit the Jumeirah Beach whereby you can engage in all sorts of activities with the hotel serving as the background.

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