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Enjoy the Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab

Enjoy Your Tea In The Best Hotel In The World

When you want to have your afternoon tea at the best hotel in the world you must know the things that you will get along with it. The price that is included in it is low as compared to the benefits and luxury that comes along with it, not to forget the seven star treatment and services. It includes the taste of international cuisine and beverage which will be given to you along with pick-up and drop off services from you hotel or residence. Afternoon starts from 8 in the evening and goes on till 11 in the night.

The Service
There are a fleet of vehicles which will be used to pick you up from your hotel or residence. You will be able to enjoy a seven star treatment at Burj Al Arab Tour with ALTDUBAI. You can also avail helicopter services for your pick-ups and drop offs. The colorful and exquisite design of the hotel will give you a special feeling. The high end service of the experienced staff, the unique taste and quality, the open view of the aquarium in front will surely make you come for more.

Feel the Difference

You will be spoilt by a person handing you a cool towel, some dry dates to eat as soon as you get out of your ride and escorted to your room. You do not have to stand in aqueue to do the formalities of checking in and out as you room butler will see to it in your room while you are served the refreshments.The room is far bigger than any room in any other hotel and the bath room is ultra-modern and most luxurious. After having the luxury and comfort of the flawless service of the ever friendly and highly qualified staff you will never forget the experience of having your afternoon tea at the hotel.

The Treatment

When you sit at the table wanting to have your tea, a person will come and hand you over glass of cold water along with a chilled towel with which you can stay cool in the heat. While you cool off a menu is given to you to choose from a wide spread of teas and coffees. You can enjoy a berry tart, eloquently designed and prepared like the hotel motif. While you finish that with the champagne, in comes the finger sandwiches. Then, in comes the tea that you ordered. When you finish it you are given a meat fillet followed by a sorbet. Lastly, before serving the dessert you will have just enough appetite for a scone. You are not pressured to have the chocolates next as it is a compulsory take away box.

To Wrap It Up

This was all about your tea in the afternoon. Just imagine the treatment you will have if you wish to have breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and dinner at the same place. It is in short an out of the world experience.

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