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Most Exciting Things To Do in World’s Tallest Building – Burj Al Arab

If you visit Dubai, then expect to be pampered with luxury and comfort. Nowhere else can you get more comfort and a royal feeling than a night, or couple of nights, stay in the magnificent Burj Al Arab hotel. This seven star hotel is the ultimate in luxury and royal hospitality. Being the tallest, unique architectural design like a sail of a boat, tis gem of Dubai is the only seven star hotels in the Dubai. From revolving beds to gold plated iPads, from Royal suites to chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, it has all means to pamper you with ultimate luxury and comfort.

Tips For Planning

If you are planning to go to Dubai, then staying in the Burj Al Arab is a must. Before you start, remember a few things. As this is the most sought after hotel for people, including celebrities from all quarters, make your reservations at least a month before so that you get your date and time. You can visit their website or email them for reservations. Also remember to carry proper clothes and shoes as they are very particular about dress codes. No sports or trainers shoes are allowed. Clothes need not be very formal but you must have collared shirts, trousers and elegant jeans.

Visit If You Don’t Stay

You can also make reservations for a Burj Al Arab Tour   for a short time. But make sure that you have proper and prior reservations made to be allowed to enter. It is best to avail the 4 p.m. slot, where you can enjoy the heavenly view of the setting sun while sipping your evening tea. Be sure to get there early as they do not reserve any window seats for you. You will not be allowed to enter before half an hour of your reservation but you will be allowed to stay for as long as you want. Remember their dress code as they want everything formal, including shoes.

Enjoy The Royal Touch

If you can manage a full Burj Al Arab Tour organized by ALTDUBAI, then you can feel the royal touch in everything you see around you. You can see a fleet of fantastically maintained chauffeur driven Rolls Royce used to pick up guests from airport to the hotel. Filled with plush and luxurious carpets, full of artistic and pristine furniture, you can feel their sense of hospitality and warmth in welcoming their guests. The large fountain in the middle which shoots to the top will catch your eyes. There is a helipad above for the people who want to have a bird view from the top of the world while arriving at Burj Al Arab.

Cuisine From All Over The World

If you thought that was all then you are mistaken. As they believe in ultimate in customer service, they provide the best food prepared by the best chefs in the world. Dining in one of their finest restaurants will be a life time experience for you. You get the best food from Arabian, Asian and continental menu cooked nicely and presented in the most beautiful way. Every time you enter your room, you get to see a plate of goodies and eatables, wrapped in gold leaf, along with a hand written note. So, once you stay in Burj Al Arab, you will know what luxury truly means.  

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