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5 Reasons Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi Is A Must Visit

Making a beeline for Abu Dhabi? Then ensure you don't pass up a major opportunity for Ferrari World. We've compiled 5 TOP motivations why this amusement park should be on your schedule. Built on Yas Island, the amazing Ferrari World, is where the fanciful Italian stallion cars have at last got the consideration they merit.

Look at the 5 reasons ---offered by ALT DUBAI, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tour operator-- that makes this entertainment mecca your next holiday stopover. Sit tight!! Here we go!!

Experience the speed alongside the planet’s quickest rollercoaster

Much the same as the cars, the Ferrari World theme park presents speeds you won't discover anyplace else. Ride the Formula Rossa & feel the thrill of speeding down the 2.2 kilometer circuit against an astounding 240 kilometer an hour speed. The ride augments via high-speed hydraulic-launching system at an identical pace airplanes are dispatched into the sky from the aircraft carriers. All through the course you'll experience 1.7G, therefore strap in, put your goggles on and go along with this stunning ride. All things considered, having taken the world's quickest rollercoaster gives you some genuine gloating rights when you return home.

Allow children to take the wheel

Allow your kids to have the first crack at driving by Junior Pilota's Driving School. Following a short instructive film, the young and inspirational GT drivers will get guideline from racing specialists. Next it is time to get out and about and cruise in their first Ferrari, a small and cute 430 GT Spider. Here they'll take in more about traffic signs and regulations of the road. Perhaps there could be a budding Formula 1-driver in your family?

Race against your chums

Rev up your motors and ready up to race on the Fiorano GT Challenge. Hop into a Ferrari F430 Spider and compete against your chums as you blast off on winding parallel circuits. The group dashing on the other track will give you a hardened rivalry in this thrilling race to the finish. May the best group win!

A 4-D fantasy trip beyond compare

Journey up to the point no Ferrari has ever ventured in the past, on the planet's most refined simulators as you track down Nello, a wicked little driver. Nello will lead you across a 4-D fantasy dreamscape --flying alongside bluffs and wandering into the sea's profundities. Feel the warmth of the wilderness or the chill of the ice caves as the temperature swings, lights alter and dampness pervade the air.

You can find us here: google map

A racing simulator without a match

Taste best-in-class racing simulations in the driver's seat of the Scuderia Challenge. Scurry against record-breaking circuit times with an assortment of Ferraris solo & alongside your chums. This is an awesome approach to finding out what you're truly made of! Scuderia Challenge offers a level of real-life experiences you'll seldom discover in a plaza, submerging your whole body in the action.

Having had a whirlwind, adrenaline-filled racing, thrill and the full Ferrari experience, you'll happily trace your path back home to the Radisson Blu, on Yas Island. Inside you can chill out, unwind and bask in the pristine views of the Bedouin Ocean PLUS the out-and-out Yas Island from your room. Welcome to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi!

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