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Instructions to Apply for a 90 Days Dubai Visa the Correct Way

Out of the numerous things that tag along with planning a foreign trip, the most urgent one that tops almost 100% travelers’ agenda, is getting a visa. Imagine a scenario where you are planning an outing to Dubai for over a month. At that point, you require a 90 days Dubai visa to enter the city of high rises.
Dubai is synonymous with deserts, avant-garde facilities, stinking rich Middle Easterners and obviously, gold. Envision going to such a thrilling spot without many bothers. To blast the myth, Dubai can be planned toward a set financial plan too. Flight tickets to Dubai are all the times affordable. Getting a Dubai visa is just as simple and bother-free. Not at all like some other nations, you can apply for a Dubai visa online and hope to get it inside of 5 working days.

Who is Eligible for Applying a 90 Days Dubai Visa?
This is a long period Dubai tourist visa issued on non-extendible premise. Individuals going to Dubai for over a month with the end goal of recreation might apply for the 90 days Dubai visa.
3 Simple Steps to Apply for a 90 Days Dubai Visa:

1Advisedly, the principal thing that you need, to apply for a visa is having an affirmed return Dubai air ticket.

2To begin with, you simply need to email a travel consultant these 3 essential documents Affirmed return Dubai   air ticket

  • Scanned copy of first and last pages of your passport
  • Scanned copy of your passport size photo
3You will furthermore require the accompanying documents to apply for the visa:   
  • Xerox copies of passport and proof of residence documents of companions/relatives living in Dubai.
  • A letter inviting you and issued by companions/relatives living in Dubai.
  • Any other local contact details of 2 friends/relatives living in Dubai.
  • Scanned copy of your passport size photo
You can find us here: google map
Please bear in mind, immigration authorities might request extra documents as considered essential. You will be obligated to present those documents, over and above those mentioned above.
7 Vital Things About Dubai Visa:

1.       People with an Indian passport are qualified to apply for the aforesaid sorts of Dubai visa:
  •          Transit visa for up to of 96 hrs
  •          Express transit visa for up to 96 hrs
  •          Visitor visa for up to 30 days
  •          Express visitor visa for up to 30 days
  •        Tourist visa for up to 90 days
  •          Multiple-entry visitor visa for up to 30 days
  •         Multiple entry visitor visas for up to 90 days
2.       Contingent upon your reason for the visit, nature of work and span of your visit, you might apply for a pertinent Dubai visa category.
3.       The multiple entry Dubai visa permits you to visit Dubai more than once on the same visa.
4.       Your passport should be valid for no less than 6 months, at the time you apply for a visa. In the event that it’s getting terminated before 6 months, then you’ll need to get it extended.
5.       Dubai visa is an e-visa, which means your passport would not be stamped for a visa, yet you will be issued an electronic visa. This visa should be printed and appended to your passport.
6.       You have to get a separate ‘Ok to Board’ articulation after receiving the visa. This is an airline obligation that permits you to board the flight.
7.       Dubai migration authorities don’t give you explanations regarding your Dubai visa dismissal. Through our experience traversing over 10 years, we have compiled a rundown of likely Dubai visa dismissals.

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