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A Guide To Dubai For Those Travelling For The First Time

About Dubai—An Introduction

Dubai is part of the 'Seven Emirates' forming the whole of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai furthermore is a thickly populated and financially dynamic emirate of the nation. As an emerging worldwide city, Dubai's principle wellspring of economic activities include: tourism, aviation, banking & finance. Shockingly, Dubai does not get a large part of its riches from oil industries.

Getting to Dubai

Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines fly visitors from Manila to Dubai without stoppage --onboard the Airbus A330 armada. Manila to Dubai is very nearly Ten Hours journey.

Visa To Dubai

Filipinos primarily need just a Tourist Entry Permit preceding entry. A Dubai Visit Visa can be acquired through the assistance of a professional Dubai Travel Agent Altdubai, without a bother. Just a passport is mandatory document that's required, yet you have to book no less than two-nights of Hotel Rooms with them. Usually, travel companies have Dubai Packages which includes visa and hotel stay.

Recommended Dubai Itinerary for Solo Travelers

Those on a short excursion to the city --the world's most costly urban areas, I am proposing a well-made Dubai Itinerary for those who haven't traveled here before; and which I did myself a couple years back in Dec. 2013. This is my proposed Dubai Itinerary for those travelling solo.

Day One

As Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines flight touch base at night, leave Day One to "adapt" yourself. Have a decent rest. Haha.

Day Two

‘Dubai City Outing’ making use of the Red Line of Dubai Metro Train
Put Hop-On Hop-Off Bus out-of-your-mind for this time. Rather explore the city onboard the safe and comfortable Dubai Metro Train and we begin with Dubai's concrete jungle!

IBN Battuta Mall

It is one of the most stunning malls I have experienced. IBN is easily the world's biggest themed galleria with an aggregate space of Five hundred-twenty thousand sq. meters, extra twenty-eight thousand sq. meters scaling up is on the cards. IBN Battuta Mall includes SIX courts inspired by a few nations --Egypt Court, India, & China Court, being the main names; apart from, my top choice in view of its grandeur – Persia Court.

And never miss the beautiful Gardens and Discovery Gardens, Lost City and Jebel Village. The places are just at the back of IBN.Make to the mall by boarding Dubai Metro Train Red Line --disembarking at IBN Battuta Station. Additionally in this station bus service to Abu Dahbi can be availed.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina the man-made canal city flaunts the earth's tallest cluster of super high-rises. Princess Tower – at present the tallest of all residential establishments on earth is additionally located in Dubai Marina. Be that as it may, Pentominium Tower, when completed, would uncrown Princess Tower. Treat yourself to tall buildings and presuming that you can spare some hours and bit of extra money to spend, tuck-into the varied cuisines at numerous eateries around the place. When I am here I am reminded of Singapore.Getting to Dubai Marina can be the most comfortable ride; hop on the Metro Red Line---disembarking at Dubai Marina Station.

You can find us here: Google Map

The Palm Jumriah

It is an artificial Atoll designed to look like a palm tree. I have often longed for personally visiting The Palm. I was specially inspired by the place's architectural and engineering marvels. The photographs, & videos surely depict a beautiful picture of The Palm. For getting here you must get-off at Nakheel Station. Those who are the adventurous kind may simply stroll from Dubai Marina to The Palm. I did it!

Mall of The Emirates

It is another immense shopping arcade. Duabi is a hot-spot of shopping aficionados. To make it to the mall get on the Dubai Metro Redline –getting off at the Mall of the Emirates station.
Burj Al Arab

It is the most recognizable landmark of the city. It is built on top of an artificial island in Jumeriah Beach. The open shoreline close to it offers amazing views of Burj Al Arab! A bus or taxi ride takes you to the luxury 7-star hotel.

Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall

Easily the tallest structure in the world its design mirrors the winding minaret at the Great Mosque of Sammara (a famous Iraqi mosque). The same as a childhood dream, watching the skyscraper 'in the flesh' evoke nostalgia.

Day Three

Dubai Desert Safari

In case you haven’t got a 4x4 SUV to drive around the city, so you need to engage a Dubai travel agent for completing the tour. Pick from Morning Safari, Afternoon Safari, & Overnight Desert Safari. The afternoon safari can be the most thrilling adventure. I did it. It begins at 4PM and carries on till 9PM. Watch out for some exciting dune bashing, and look forward to belly dancing shows as the main attractions.

Day Four

Do Day 2 Over again!
Be that as it may, this time around, shop and eat like an Emirati! On the other hand you could have a taste of some outdoor activities before flying out of the city.
On the other hand you may choose to see Gold Souk and Spice Souk.
Add-on Day
·         Full Day –Sharjah PLUS Abu Dhabi
·         Full Day –Ferrari World
·         ½ Day –Dhow Cruise
·         Full Day –Hatta Mt.
Overnight Stay in Dubai
Plenty of economical hotels are located in the city---Panorama Hotel being the most pocket-friendly. The hotel’s night stay charge is 100 US dollars. Many malls, convenience stores, and bistros are located nearby.

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The Cost of the Trip

The airline Cebu Pacific offers a roundtrip for approximately 20,000 to 25,000.  Room booking can be approximately 4,000 for one night. Add 4,000 as sightseeing budget. Food in the city is inexpensive. To round of your Dubai visit of 4 days and 3 nights, will cost approximately 20,000 to 25,000 or 500 US dollars --assuming you get a promo offer. Otherwise, the budget can go up to 35,000.

Ideal Time to Visit

Winter is easily the best time for a memorable Dubai trip. Plan the outing between ---Late November to Early February.

Trivia About Dubai
  • Indians and Filipinos are locals. Dubai’s residents look like sightseers.
  •  Hotel stay can be costly, auto and gas are most certainly not.
  •  The city doesn’t seem as if you’re journeying in a Muslim nation. Fashion is out-going, stylish kind of!
  • Walking is routine in the city. Envision walking very nearly a KM starting at Dubai Mall Station itself uptill Burj Khalifa!

Take away

 4 Days and 3 Nights aren’t sufficient.

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